Prayer Of Forgiveness & Protection For Health Workers

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Today is a Special Day because we would be focusing on some group of special people, our medical personnel that have been working tirelessly since this Corona Virus plague.

Therefore God dealt well with the midwives, and the people multiplied and grew very mighty. And so it was, because the midwives feared God, that He provided households for them.
Exodus 1:20‭-‬21 NKJV.

Dear God, have mercy on each individual in Nigeria and worldwide. Forgive us our sins and wash us with your BLOOD, deliver us from all evil.

We are all sinners. Forgive us the sins of our ancestors and leaders, both past and present. Show us your loving kindness and satisfy us with your goodness.

We pray for all our health workers in Nigeria and worldwide. Those on the field and those in the lab that are working day and night to find a cure or to perfect a cure; dear God, breathe solutions and cure into their spirit and manifest your glory in their lives.

We pray for the families of all our health personnels in Nigeria and worldwide. O LORD, keep their families safe. Bless their families and protect them like you did with the Hebrew midwives.

You are a praying answering God, your mercy we seek. Take this darkness and evil away from us. Answer us from the throne of grace and give us joy on earth in Christ Jesus name, Amen!





Written By: Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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